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Adriana Balan

Adriana Balan

Brazilian born Hairdresser and Makeup Artist, passionate about what I do. 20 years of experience in the industry have given me plenty of opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives and their special days. I am currently lucky enough to do what I love in Sydney, Australia. My profession is a true gift from God.


God, above all, for giving me the gift of life and the strength to carry on. I absolutely love my beautiful family and my friends who continue to encourage me. I also love the fact that I get to hear people’s incredible life stories through my work, I get to enhance their beauty, and be part of the most special moments in their lives.


I believe every woman should feel special, beautiful and have their natural beauty highlighted. I believe in listening to my clients, understanding what they want and what they need and doing my best to make them feel gorgeous. I believe in continuous development as a professional, in endless learning, and I see life as a shared journey.


I am grateful to God for the gift of life and for His care. I am grateful for my parents’ love for me, and the strong family foundations I was given. I am thankful to my husband and my gorgeous daughter who make my days brighter and fill my heart with joy. I am grateful for everyone who, at a certain point, played a role in my life story and for sharing theirs with me.


A Brief history of Adriana

I am the ultimate accidental hairdresser. At 16, I was offered a job as a Hairdresser Assistant while I was still a student. I immediately fell in love with a world of shiny hair and colour and instantly knew I was meant for that. I went on to get my first qualification as a Hairdresser in 2001, same year I got my first job as a Hairdresser.

It wasn’t until 2003 that I completed a course on makeup artistry and added makeup to the scope of my services. I was then officially a mobile hairdresser and makeup artist for many years. I have also been a Hairdresser and Supervisor at Shishindo spa in a big city in Brazil called Curitiba, but ended up retuning to mobile hairdressing and makeup until 2014, when I moved to Australia.

Once in Sydney, I got to do what I love casually, gradually familiarising with the local market and building my clientele.

I have continually learnt new techniques and participated in events, expos, and short courses provided by different brands of hair products, some of which have become my suppliers.